The R-Line badge is also getting a new look and we’ll see it on October 11 on the Atlas Cross Sport R-Line.

It was only about a month ago when Volkswagen introduced a slightly revised corporate logo and now some of the company’s other badges are getting a facelift. The most exciting of them all – R – is receiving a nip and tuck as part of the company’s attempt to signal a fresh start for the performance brand. According to VW, the revised avatar is “more modern, distinct, and sleek” than the logo you’re used to seeing on a Golf R or on other older performance models such as the Scirocco R, Passat R36 or the Touareg R50. Here’s what VW has to say about its swanky new R logo:

“The new company logo is characterized by the pristine line width and a clearly horizontal arrangement featuring dynamic curves. Moreover, the prominent diagonal line serves as a stark contrast, thus underscoring the brand’s overall progressiveness. The elongated R creates a broader, more powerful impression and defines Volkswagen’s commitment to performance and exclusivity.”